Improper Windshield Replacement

Is Your Windshield a Ticking Time Bomb?

The windshield contributes 40%-70% of the structural integrity of the roof support.

Roll over accidents are known to be responsible for 30%-40% of vehicular deaths.

The windshield controls 20% or the "crash pulse" which alerts the airbag to deploy.

The windshield acts as a backboard for the airbag. The airbag deploys upward toward the windshield which deflects it out towards the passenger.

The windshield prevents passengers from being ejected from the vehicle in case of a serious accident.

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Is It Worth the Risk?

An improper windshield installation can have a serious effect on the function of many of these safety devices of your vehicle. Choose Turning Point Glassworks to ensure a proper installation and maintain the safe operation of your vehicle. Read through our helpful Glass Tech information below to further educate yourself on the proper techniques we use to keep you and your loved ones safe. If you want any additional information, get in touch with our Phoenix Valley windshield replacement team.


Inconsistent Bead

We were informed that this window had previously been replaced. The customer stated that there was a severe water leak coming from the top of the window. Once we removed the glass, we discovered the obvious issue. An inconsistent bead led to a low spot in the urethane which never made contact with the glass. We removed all the old urethane and reapplied a proper bead stopping the leak.


Urethane Too Thin

The function of the urethane is more than simply sealing the glass. It also acts as a dampener. When the vehicle is in motion, the body torques. If the urethane is too short causing the glass to sit too close to the pinch weld, the glass will endure too much pressure potentially causing stress cracks in the glass.


Missing Primer

Many adhesives require the corresponding primers to activate the bond. Many company’s do not use this primer to cut costs. This is one of many short cuts company’s use in order to provide you with a kick back.

The Long Term Cost of Careless Technician

The customer was distraught over what we found once the glass was removed from their vehicle. We were able to prolong the life of the vehicle by taking the time to undo what a careless technician did. This could very easily be prevented by taking pride in the work and following the proper steps to do the job right. Simply put, do what’s right because it’s the right thing to do.

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