Windshield Chip?

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Chips or breaks in your windshield can happen at any moment while you’re driving. Whether the break is big or small, even the smallest chip can turn into something far worse. Avoid a more costly replacement by allowing our team at Turning Point Glassworks to take care of the small problem as soon as possible.

The Most Common Chips We Repair Include:

Combination Breaks




Is the Rock Chip in Your Windshield Repairable?

First, look at the location of the chip. If it is in the driver’s line of vision, it is not repairable. If the damage is within 6 inches of the perimeter of the glass, it is repairable but it is more likely the repair will fail. The outer perimeter of the windshield is a “high stress” area of the glass. Since this is the contact point to the body of the vehicle, it tends to absorb more pressure and stress related to body torque, road vibration and temperature change.

Second, look at the size including the cracks that extend from the impact point. Is the break the size of a dime, nickel, or quarter? If so, it can be repaired. In other words, if it is a small break with cracks extending from it and the whole thing is less than 1.25 inches, it is repairable.

Large bull-eyes (larger than a 50-cent piece) are not repairable. If the break is the right size but the glass is completely crushed in the center, it is not repairable. There is no way to put crushed glass back together. Cracked windshields are typically not repairable because the structural integrity has been compromised.

Types of Chips

Rock chip damage such as bulls-eyes, stars, and combination breaks, can be fixed. The rock chip should be smaller than 1.25 inches (the size of a fifty-cent piece). It is not recommended to repair chips and cracks larger than a fifty cent piece. In this instance, repairability is a case to case basis and comes with no guarantee of success.

chip-1A Star break up to 1.25″ (including the cracks) is repairable.

chip-2This 2-inch rock chip combination break. Repair is not recommended & is less likely to be successful.

chip-3A Bulls Eye break is repairable.

chip-4This 6-inch circular break is NOT repairable.

chip-5This large rock chip has crushed glass in the center. It is not repairable.

Have a different type of chip, contact us today to find out if it's repairable.

Each windshield repair service is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to provide effective and long-lasting results. Our certified technicians can determine whether or not a repair or replacement is needed.

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