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Arizona is well known for its high percentage of sunny days. While sunshine is often cause for a positive mood, excessive sunlight can have negative effects on your vehicle. Window tinting is a simple yet effective way to improve the comfort and value of your car or truck.

Turning Point Glassworks is pleased to offer auto window tinting near Phoenix, always performed by our experienced auto technicians for the very best in quality and performance. We provide excellent window tinting services at Turning Point Glassworks! Our company offers many different brands of film that come in various percentages of visible light transmission (VLT). The lower the percentage, the darker the film is. The darkest level of tinting, 5%, is most commonly used on limousines and private cars.

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Helps Prevent Interior Damage From UV Rays

3 Major Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tint is a powerful tool that can add to the value and functionality of your car. Whether you drive your car often or only on occasion, window tinting can offer significant benefits.


Benefit #1

Constant exposure to sunlight and heat can fade, crack, or otherwise damage the interior of your vehicle, as well as any items you regularly store in your car. Window tinting blocks a significant portion of the sun’s rays from the interior of your car, protecting its finishes and your belongings from damage.

Benefit #2

On sunny days, your car’s windows can create a greenhouse effect, trapping heat from sunlight and making the interior hotter and less comfortable, even while your air conditioning is running. Window Tint reduces the amount of heating caused by sunlight for a more comfortable driving environment, less strain on your car’s A/C and better gas mileage.

Benefit #3

Window tinting offers additional protection for your cars windows. Because tint is applied as a film, it can strengthen the integrity of your windows and prevent them from shattering into pieces. This feature offers added safety for you and your passengers during travel, as well as protects your vehicle from theft or other damage while it is parked.

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Choosing the Best Window Tint for Your Vehicle

Tint Percentage

The percentage of a window tint describes the amount of light that is allowed to travel through the tinted layer and into the vehicle. A tint with a larger percentage allows more light through, and vice versa.

Different Levels

You can opt to install window tint of different levels on different windows in your car. For example, you may want to keep your windshield and driver’s side window relatively light, but tint the passenger and rear windows much darker.

Day and Night

Consider the amount of driving you do during the day and at night when choosing tint. A darker tint increases comfort during the day while a darker window tint will make it slightly harder to see at night.

Our film comes in the following VLT percentages:

5%  •  15%  •  20%  •  35%  •  50%  •  70%

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We can tint the windows of almost every vehicle, and we also do tinting for side mirrors. Our Phoenix Valley window tint professionals have more than 50 years of combined experience. Give us a call at (480) 659-5911 to schedule your window tinting!